Create animation for iPhone/iPad with HTML5 Hype

I have to say this tool is very cool. We already know that we cannot see Flash animation on our beloved iPhone/iPad. Fortunately, now there is a tool called Hype to create a Flash-like animation that can be displayed on WebKit browser including iPhone and iPad.

Hype logo

After reading a news from MacWorld, I decided to give it a go last night. It was an unsuccessful buying because App Store said something wrong with the payment. Later this morning, I try it again. This time I can buy it and it is now sitting on my Macbook Pro 15″. Let’s try to create a very basic banner for iPhone. First, create a document size of the portrait iPhone size 360×480 from the document size lists and change the height to 50px.

Then insert a background photo of mine which is a photo of lady bug from my macro photo collection when I went to Botanic Garden, insert some texts to test the fading opacity and image rotation that show on their website tutorials. I have done some Flash, so I understand about how to work with key frame to create the animation. Now we are ready to go.

I did a test by creating a Thai phrase and it can display correctly. So, there should not be any problem with otherĀ  languages too. Preview on Firefox and Safari browsers on my machine without any problem except the loop. All banners need to be infinite loop from start to finish. I checked the menu Animation->Loop Playback, but still the banner does not loop from start after finishing. I went to check on their website and found this post that I needed to manually set the movie to do the loop.

Now it loops! I did a further test on iOS simulator but the simulator display the banner incorrectly. However, testing on the real iPhone was a successful. The demo is here.

That was impressive. I played with it about half an hour to create a basic banner and found it easy and intuitiveĀ  to use. However, after checking the asset files, I found that the software did not optimise my photo. It is still very large size and the software did not create any masking or clipping on the image. So, users must beware to optimise your asset files before using this software. The rest are very good for create the animated banner that can be view on iPhone/iPad. But if you want something more fancy that Flash can do, you will need to wait for the next version. I give it five-star rated and feel sorry for Windows users because now the software is only for Mac.

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